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link to offical Mamma Mia! web-site

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Formed in 1996, Fabba continue to be the most exciting tribute to the Abba of the seventies and the eighties. With a dynamic live show, placing the emphasis on natural performance, the six members have created the opportunity to become the ‘ rock and roll’ band that Abba truly were. Fabba will thrill you with inspired versions of the well-known hits as well as opening up a whole new world of Abba songs you may not have heard before. Fabba have appeared on numerous radio and television shows including ‘ Children In Need’ and ‘ Style Challenge’ for the BBC, Channel 5s ‘Exclusive’, ‘Fives Company’ and ‘Night Fever’. Fabba tour world-wide, playing festivals and theatre shows through to rock venues and corporate events, and with their superb rhythm section, powerful vocals, roaring guitars and rocking piano, Fabba will help keep the Abba legend alive in the 21st Century.

"A Fabba Night Out"...The Sun. Fabba, the #1 Abba Tribute band.
"Fabba were miles better than Bjorn Again Out"...Sarah Barnes The Abba Report
"Abba maybe dead but Fabba are alive and glittering "...James Rampton The Independent
"Fabba Yabba Doo! "... The News of The World
"Quality Wise ahead of Bjorn Again "...Kim Wilde.Com
"F***ing cool guitar! "...Bruce Dickinson Iron Maiden

Fabba keeping the Abba legend alive!

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